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Hey!  How would you like to manifest even more prosperity?

The information you learn in "Keys To Power Prosperity" will totally transform your life.  And if you'd like an additional opportunity to create a passive income stream (discussed in the book), here is your best option:

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Silver Resale Rights License ($79)

With the Silver Resale Rights License, you have the freedom to sell copies of "Keys To Power Prosperity" and keep all monies you receive for yourself.  You'll never have to pay any commissions or royalties!  And since there is no cost in reproducing the product, that's 100% profit!!

All you have to do is set up a simple website like this one (the book shows you just how easy this is), and then start letting people know about it.  Very easy, and something you can do in a day.  And once you have a stream of traffic coming to your site, you'll be earning a passive income that will continue to earn you money as you go on to other things.  Maybe not 'money for nothing', but real close to it.

Another thing you can do with the Silver Resale Rights License is to place the book onto a membership site as valuable content for your members, or you can use it as a bonus to offer with another product you sell.

What's more (and this is rare with lower level resale rights), is that you may also resell the Silver Resale Rights License.  In the industry, this is known as Master Resale Rights, and gives you the ability to sell not only the book (at $29 a copy), but you may also sell the Silver Resale Rights (at $79 a license)!  Just one sale of the Silver Resale Rights License will cover your costs!  And everything after that will be Pure Profit!!

The only stipulation is that you may not simply give the book away.  It must be sold, either by itself or part of a larger package.  Other people are going to want to sell this book, so it must retain it's value online.  Anyone caught giving the book away will face serious consequences.

Keys To Power Prosperity with
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